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MVG Launches JOUST 2.0: A Fortnite Mini-Game Showcasing New Capabilities Available to Brands

Joust 2.0 is the latest Fortnite mini-game developed by MVG in collaboration with GCG. For brands wanting to get into gaming, you should start here.

April 30, 2024

MVG Launches JOUST 2.0: A Fortnite Mini-Game Showcasing New Capabilities Available to Brands

Building on the initial release of the Joust 1.0, which was launched on the 5th March earlier this year, MVG is excited to announce the latest update to the Fornite mini-game which was developed in collaboration with GCG. Joust 2.0 takes advantage of several new opportunities brought by Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 (the latest feature update delivered by Epic Games).

Alongside improved gameplay and several new features supporting player mechanics, Joust 2.0 showcases a major opportunity which everyone should be getting excited about. For brands looking to break into gaming, but not yet able to allocate the resources to develop their own bespoke activation, Joust 2.0 demonstrates the first steps you can take to test the waters. Working directly with developers, alongside MVG, brands are able to create fully customized billboard advertisements within popular Fortnite games. The arena style gameplay Joust is centered upon supports a collection of these advertisement spaces ready for any brand to capitalize on.

MVG is excited to report how Joust 2.0 performs against expectations post launch, as we continue to work closely with GCG to promote the activation through our MVG_Amplify channels.

Play Joust 2.0

If you’re looking to play Joust 2.0 you’ll need access to the Fortnite platform.

Using the island code provided below, you’ll be able to launch the game and see how MVG can help you take your first steps into gaming.

Joust 2.0 Island Code: 4929-6119-7509

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