2022 · Case Study

Forever 21


Forever 21 was looking for an impactful way to launch their brand in web3 environments. Metaverse Group was engaged and developed a strategy designed to position Forever 21 as first movers in the next iteration of retail, ecomm3. The plan included the rental Metaverse Group-owned prime real estate in Decentraland’s Fashion District, the development of a Forever 21 flagship store, the launch of an NFT wearables collection, and a DJ show, all launched during the first ever Metaverse Fashion Week.


The launch generated 286 impactful media hits with 74.5 million impressions, positioning Forever 21 as a leader in ecomm3. Incredibly, average dwell time in the store was over 30 times higher than traditional ecommerce benchmarks. New and existing brand fans spent an average of 27 minutes in store exploring the virtual architecture and NFTs available for purchase, with many returning more than five times.

Total Media Hits
Total Media IMpressions
Average Dwell Time
27 Minutes

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