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PUMA Announces Exciting Collaboration with Playstation

PUMA announces an exciting new collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment showcasing how brands can break into gaming an connect with new customers.

April 18, 2024

PUMA Announces Exciting Collaboration with Playstation

On the 15th of April 2024, PUMA announced an exciting new collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment introducing a PUMA x PLAYSTATION collection designed to connect sport and gaming. 

The physical collection is said to leverage new “holo-scene prints, and shimmer techniques” serving up new designs alongside renditions of the Suede and RS-XZ sneakers. No news has yet been released as to whether the collection will also be made available digitally via the Playstation network.

The PUMA x PLAYSTATION collection was made publicly available today (Thursday, 18th April) across online platforms and PUMA flagship stores. While the collection is purely physical at the stage, it is exciting to see how the gaming giant will continue to work with PUMA into the future to deliver digital fashion collections across the gaming platform. 

Despite not being the first collaboration between large e-commerce retailers and gaming platforms or studios, this collection again highlights how brands can leverage gaming to reach, often, difficult to access customers who prioritize gaming over other digital entertainment formats. For brands looking to create genuine connections with both Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha, following trailblazers like PUMA into the gaming space appears to be an effective and underutilized process for effectively connecting with new customers.  

To read PUMA’s original announcement of this new collection - you can find the press release here.

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