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The Big Brand IP Issue With Roblox and How Brands Can Protect Themselves

Learn how Roblox is developing tools to help brands and creators protect their IP, and the steps you can take to keep your assets safe with MVG.

May 3, 2024

The Big Brand IP Issue With Roblox and How Brands Can Protect Themselves

The Roblox marketplace has over 14 million daily active users, creating an entire online economy surrounding the platform, generating roughly $6 Billion dollars annually in transactions in the native currency ROBUX. For brands and UCG creators this is a hugely exciting time to be developing virtual wearables for a truly global audience. As highlighted in our previous article about DKNY becoming the latest brand to debut a virtual collection, the availability of branded wearables continues to grow at an exponential rate. Brands that have already developed a digital collection have seen phenomenal levels of engagement, demonstrating that those looking to connect with gen-z and gen-alpha simply need to be on the Roblox marketplace.

However, with such upside, brands and creators are becoming ever-more aware of Intellectual Property (IP) infringements. Brands are still exploring how they can become a major player in the digital gaming space, meaning it has been difficult and complex to dispute and remove content to maintain their public image and core values.

In response to this, Roblox has worked with ongoing feedback from creators and brands to improve the IP management process within the platform. The Roblox Rights Manager (found in the Creator Hub) offers a new destination for managing IP infringement removal requests. This new functionality in Roblox streamlines the dispute process and supports brands in taking control over their presence on Roblox. Through the simplified one-time registration, and online ID verification, system it is straightforward to create removal requests and view the ongoing investigation status.

The launch of this functionality within Roblox, shows the significant dedication the platform has toward supporting individual creators and brands in the ongoing task of protecting their IP online and are committed to improving the process overtime.

If you are a brand or creator who currently doesn’t have a strategy for protecting your IP in the gaming space, we recommend you book a call with MVG and begin securing your unique IP and protecting your reputation today.

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