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What is Live Interactive Streaming and The Untapped Potential For Brands

Discover live-streaming and how both developers and brands can amplify their games through live-interactive gaming, a truly untapped avenue for connecting with players.

April 30, 2024

What is Live Interactive Streaming and The Untapped Potential For Brands

What is live-streaming?

Arguably the most engaging and far-reaching form of gaming content, live-streaming  has become a ubiquitous and dynamic platform for real-time content delivery. It involves broadcasting live video or audio content over the internet, allowing viewers to engage with creators in real time through comments, likes, and interactions. The medium spans a wide range of genres, from gaming and entertainment to education and business, providing a direct and immersive connection between creators and their audiences.

With some of the more commonly recognized live-streaming platforms including TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, and Instagram, viewers worldwide are able to access media created on the go by developers and brands looking to amplify their game experiences working with both up-and-coming and more established live-streamers. 

To showcase how live-streaming can be best utilized, during our latest GCG Fortnite Live Stream session, we created pathways for viewers to directly impact gameplay through rules outlined as people joined. While watching the gameplay unfold, viewers could prompt the streamer to drop all of the items in their inventory. For each round of Battle Royale, this created a consistent level of excitement for both the streamer and the viewers.

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Over the course of a 90 minute session, over 2,000 unique viewers were recorded. As these viewers continually joined and activated the prompt (over 120,000 times in total), the streamers quickly learned that viewers were not going to let up. This led to a complete strategy shift causing the streamers to become constantly on the move throughout the map, and hover over items to pick up - only to briefly use before having to drop them again. Ultimately, this generated extremely captivating content very different from what viewers would typically expect.

What's Innovating the space right now?

What's truly groundbreaking is the evolution of interactive experiences within live-streaming. Platforms like TikFinity are pushing boundaries by allowing viewers to actively participate in live gaming sessions. Imagine being able to influence the outcome of a game or trigger special effects simply by interacting with the streamer! This level of engagement is what makes viewership transform from passive to interactive. Tikfinity offers input control, this means viewers can even control the keyboard and controller inputs on the machine the streamer is using. Imagine not only affecting the gaming session, but actually playing the games live from anywhere in the world.

The opportunity for brands

For brands, live-streams provide a unique platform for brands to showcase their values and personality. By aligning with creators whose values resonate with their own, brands can authentically connect with audiences and build lasting relationships.

In 2024, live-streaming is more than just a form of entertainment—it's a dynamic ecosystem where creators, brands, and audiences come together to share experiences, build communities, and shape culture. By embracing the power of live-streaming and harnessing innovative platforms and engagement strategies, brands can unlock new opportunities to connect with consumers in meaningful ways, leaving a lasting impression in the digital world.

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